Point by Point

Four eyes, two hearts, one podcast

Starting a New Year

We started Point by Point with the idea that we wanted to try making a podcast. Early on, we had to figure out some early hurdles like where to do it, what kind of equipment we would need, where we would record, how we could edit what we recorded, how to host episodes, post them, and ultimately get it into iTunes and elsewhere so people could listen to it.

We started doing it with the basic core values that failure helps you learn, and it's okay to learn in public. The holiday season brought its challenges with keeping consistent – we recorded quite a few episodes but had some delays in editing and posting them. But we're back on track! We promise.

This year, we plan to up our game with some great topics, a few special guests, and a focus on regularly improving the quality of our show!

It continues to be an interesting experiment for sure.

Happy New Year!